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Hottest Female Fantasy Shows
Tipping Stripper's Etiquette

VIP Florida Strippers provides  the hottest 

Sexy, Passionate, Stunning, Female Strippers in Florida.

We provide the #1 Erotic Girl-On-Girl Female Fantasy Shows.


This party is focused around Your Bachelor & Best Man.

He will be Teased, Stripped Down & Sexy Party Games.

We offer Fun, Exciting, Erotic Party Games

These party games will make your

"Wildest Dreams Come True"

Bachelor Party shows offer an Erotic "Grande Finale"

 Girl On Girl or Female Fantasy Show 

Tipping the girls is always appreciated. 

The Bigger the Bills, The Bigger The Thrills. 

 Private Parties 

 Bachelor Party

 Birthday Party

Private Party
 Naughty Party
 Passion Party
▪ Lingerie Party

Fantasy Shows


 Tipping Etiquette 

 Show Your Appreciation

 Strip that down lap dances

 Sexy Party Games
 Erotic Shows
 Fantasy Shows
 The Bigger the Bills

 The Bigger the Thrills
 Grande Finale

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